Monday, September 1, 2008

Silly rabbit, Trix are for-...YEAAAARRRGH!

So it's a, um, rabbit. I think you can see that. And he's pretty well effed up, probably escaped from a laboratory or whatever. This one didn't take long. I started with a reasonably good drawing and touched it up a little and colored it. That's all.

Initially, I was thinking about making him green, like in the Bugs Bunny meets Dr. Jekyll cartoon. Maybe I'll go back and try that. Hmmmm.

This and all my recent artwork (that I'm not completely ashamed of) can be seen at the original Spooky Laboratory, which is part of my larger site The Castle Monster. The inspiration for the title "Spooky Laboratory" comes from the "Korn Halloween Special" of the show South Park. An interesting aside, there actually is a South Park region of Colorado. My mom even grew up there.

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