Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet Harry Cooper

That's the late Karl Hardman as the skulking, abrasive little crank Harry Cooper from NOTLD. I picked this one out as a just a little practice piece but the watercolor tool in ArtRage Studio Pro turned out to be so freaking awesome that I decided to let it happen. I had to clean it up in Photoshop but I figure that's okay. I'll be using this program all of the time.


Tim said...


Steve said...

Thank you, man!

Brother Bill said...

Really enjoying the NOTLD stuff! Harry may have been an annoying crank... BUT he was right about the cellar being the safest place! ;)

Steve said...

I've always thought that, too, but face it-the rednecks probably would have shot them all at the end, regardless.

"Y'know, Jethro, I can't help thinkin' about the unnatural fuss those last ghouls put up afore we shot 'em. All the begging and praying and hollerin' that they wasn't dead at all and stuff."

"You said it, Jim Bob. They're getting craftier all the time." *ptoooey*