Monday, February 8, 2010

Captivating Host

Sid Haig and Mary Mitchel in Spider Baby.


The Captain said...

I'm digging the colorful version. It has an fun ironic quality because of the colors and the subject matter seeming like they shouldn't together.

I posted something for you over at my blog.

Steve said...

Oh wow! I didn't see that! I'm honored. You're one of the darkbloggers that make it seem like a community. Thanks!

And I appreciate the comment about the painting. I want people to like those abstract "clown barf" pieces. That's the closest thing I have to my own style.

Uranium Willy said...


Thanks for the insight over at The Uranium Cafe about the Leone film. Great stuff here. I do some basic design stuff myself in Photoshop but my wife is the wiz there. I sued to draw (damned I hate that phrase) but just so not anymore and have been struggling for years to just do doodles. Here's a link to a few drawings I managed to make some scans of once:

I just reached a place where I knew I was not going to make money at art and that I lacked the temperament to work that hard at it. But I really hope I get over the blocks as I am not that young anymore and want to do it just for fun now, the way I did as a kid.

I am adding you to my two film blogs blogroll. I am going to check out that Artrage software myself.



Steve said...

That's good stuff! Yeah, I have struggles of my own with art. It doesn't bother me so much knowing that there are so many artists better than me but I never feel sure what I should be working on and what's a waste of time.

ArtRage is a killer paint program if you don't want to buy pay Corel Paint prices. It works great for oil, watercolor, smooth inking and a bunch of other mediums. I got the upgrade price so it was worth it for me. Thanks for the link! I dig your site, too, of course.