Monday, October 1, 2012

Countdown to Halloween, won't you?

Greetings! Come right in and have a seat. Permit me to take your shawl for you so I can admire your lovely neck. Blah! Err....Forgive the absence of my Halloween Countdown. She is in the other room getting ready.

It is a bit chilly in here, no? I will put another log on the fire for us. I like to keep it cool in here, ordinarily. Heat promotes decomposition, you know. And fire can be so dangerous. Yet danger can be most stimulating! Wouldn't you agree? But, of course! That is why you are here.

While you are waiting, feel free to peruse my modest library of books. I apologize for their musty appearance, it is the maid's century off. Personally, I rarely find the time to read them, anymore. Everything is the internights and the blahgosfear and Fiercebook and hexting. The children of the night don't even bother to howl anymore, they just send hexts back and forth. But I see I am boring you....

Seriously, I don't like that look in your eyes. You weren't thinking of escape, were you? Not now that I have you in my eternal clutches?


Seriously, stick around. There is more scary fun to come. Happy Countdown to Halloween 2012!


Judy said...

Satan's Invisible World Discovered? Can't wait to read your post tomorrow! New follower here.

Steve Ring said...

Well, thank you! That's actually just something I cobbled together in a panic from some Night Gallery vidcaps, though. If I manage ten posts this month it'll be a miracle. 2009 was the only year I managed to post every day of October.