Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hit the road, Jack

Here's my abortive first sculptural jack of the year, and maybe the last. The rind wasn't thick enough to bother finishing it. ):


Caffeinated Joe said...

Quite creepy, if you ask me!

Steve Ring said...

I like where it was going but it's already sagging. But I just cut open the back-up and it's much thicker so I'm in luck!

girl6 said...

i think it's Wonderful. :)
i Love the nose, reminded me of Lon Chaney's "Phantom of the Opera".
Great teeth too!!

Happy Thanksgiving Steve Ring.. :)
i think i forgot to wish you a Happy Halloween.. :(

Steve Ring said...

Thank you so much, girl6! How kind! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too! And hope your Halloween was legendary!