Friday, March 5, 2010

"Fine stuff, but it'll rot!"

Until I started blogging I never thought it possible that I'd find so many people with an enthusiasm for Halloween that matches or exceeds my own. And there's at least one blogger who seems to actually be a strange alien from the Halloween Dimension. I'm talking about Rot (a.k.a. "Rot") from the highly spooky Halloween haunt blog Pumpkinrot. This master of mâché literally burns the midnight oil making Hollywood-quality props for his annual haunt. I hope his neighbors know how lucky they are. In addition to his amazing sculptures and photographs, Rot finds the time to seek out other haunts and artists and feature their work on his famous blog. And every thing that could possibly interest a Halloween-o-phile. This guy should be elected President of something! Anyway, it's an honor for me to give Pumpkinrot a shout out and point the way to any wretched lost souls who might not have heard about it. Check out his new "Skull Witch". If you dare!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010