Friday, June 19, 2015

Just saw a UFO while sitting on my front porch! :) I first glimpsed it flying eastward above the northern horizon in the near dark. I thought it was a bright flare at first, but then it swerved into the opposite direction and changed colors from red to green. It dipped into the tree-line and then before it descended completely it changed direction again. I'm sure it was a drone (which I've never seen at night before) but ten years ago I would have been pretty excited. I'm still confused by it's apparent size and speed. It was speeding along at too great a pace to be a plane or helicopter and went behind trees that seem a fair distance away. Neat, at any rate! (Pictured is the Virgin Atlantic hoax UFO)

6/29/15 Watching the glowing red-green drone flying overhead again, tonight. It got so close I could hear the propellers. It roves around and then hovers in the same place for minutes at a time, then it goes and disappears behind the distant trees, again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015