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Recommended Spooky Fun Halloween Season Viewing Time & Stuff

With an emphasis on the obscure, offbeat and downright schlocky. Links provided where available on YouTube and trailers where not.

The Flesh and the Fiends   1960   Starring Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasance
The story of infamous murdering duo Burke and Hare. Gothic and deep.

Werewolf Shadow   1971  Starring Paul Naschy, Gaby Fuchs
Cheap, odd and atmospheric Spanish horror film (dubbed)

Ancient Mysteries: Vampires   1994   (television documentary)
Best documentary on the subject of vampires. Not sparkly vampires, the evil old kind.

The Tingler   1959   Starring Vincent Price
Campy William Castle movie about a spine-tingling monster that feeds on fear

Phantom of the Opera   1989   Starring Robert Englund and Jill Schoelen
Gory adaptation of the Gaston Leroux novel.  Better than it's reputation.

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things   1972   Starring Alan Ormsby
Director Bob Clark's schlocky 70s zombie classic. Very fun bad drive-in film.

Peeping Tom   1960  Starring Carl Boehm and Anna Massey
Brilliant pre-Psycho psycho movie about a killer who films his victims.

Horrible Horrors   1986   Starring John Zacherle
Famous Horror Host John "The Cool Ghoul" Zacherle riffs on old sic-fi/horror trailers

The Mad Magician   1954   Starring Vincent Price, Eva Gabor, Patrick O'Neal
A lesser-known early Vincent Price horror with Price as a vengeful master of disguise

Spider Baby   1967   Starring Lon Chaney, Sid Haig and Carol Ohmart
Jack Hill's warm quirky pre-Texas Chainsaw Massacre film about cannibal family values

Popcorn   1991   Starring Jill Schooled and Dee Wallace Stone
Alan Ormsby's weird schlock horror movie about weird schlock horror movies.