Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doc Holiday-Rest in ?

If you ever visit the beautiful town of Glennwood Springs, Colorado and are thinking about penciling in to your busy itenerary a visit to the grave of legendary gunslinger Doc Holiday, there are a couple of caveats. First, the tour broshure doesn't tell you that there is going to be a steep dirt road between you and the grave. I'm talking steep. I'm talking a hike. I'm talking hot sun and circling vultures and the hammering of heart upon chest. Leave gramma back at the car.... (UPDATE!) I've since learned that there is apparently a less challenging route up to the cemetery that we didn't know about because, well, we took the wrong fork in the road or something. Embarassing!

Secondly, the grave marker is not so much a grave marker as a marker indicating that you are standing, parched and weary from your grueling climb, somewhere in the basic approximate ballpark of Doc Holiday's grave. Maybe. The body may have been taken by family to be buried in Oakhill Cemetery in Griffin Georgia. Another story is that the the older graves at this grave site were washed away in a mudslide. Likely, the truth is that they don't want someone to get to thinking how awesome it would be to have Doc Holiday's skull above their fireplace. Anyway, here's some rocks to signify his existence, somewhere. Notice where people have thrown poker chips and flowers and playing cards on his grave. And a little pocket change. You know, in case he rises from the grave and gets a hankerin' to play some nickel slots or something.

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