Monday, October 5, 2009

Spooky Horror Wallpapers

Carnival of Souls (800x600)

House on Haunted Hill (800x600)

Spook Show (800x600)

Horror Rises from the Tomb

Witchcraft (800x600)

(Regrettably, the above are only available in 800x600.)


The Captain said...

Those are super duper bad ass! The Carnival of Souls looks very simple until you see it large, the detail is amazing! I had your Spook show one up for weeks. Thanks for these.

Steve Ring said...

Thank you! I'm just sorry I haven't taken the time to redo these. The original layered files got lost in a HD lock-up years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! The Carnival of Souls wallpaper is on my monitor now!

Steve Ring said...

My pleasure!

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LadyRoycroft said...
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