Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lon Chaney's Birthplace

On the way downtown to Zeezo's Magic Shop to take a picture of their wall of masks I suddenly realized I had a better subject right under my nose. The old Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind where Lon Chaney sr's parents met. I don't know if Lon was born in the school but he was born in this town, at least.

It's a really vast complex with lots of interesting architecture and old (for this area) trees. This is just part of it.

Just for grins, here's the city's original power plant, nearby. I suppose it could be haunted or something, huh?

Downtown at the City Auditorium we have the Lon Chaney theater, recently reopened.

And I found out that stinking Zeezo's moved and they don't have a wall of masks anymore so to blazes with them.


L. F. Chaney said...

The Lon Chaney Theater is not a movie house, per se, although I'm sure that the facility can and has screened motion pictures. Until recently, it served as home to the town's oldest theatrical company, The Star Bar Players. Now, I believe that a children's workshop occupies the space.

Colorado Springs has changed an awful lot, since my day! Thank you most kindly for sharing your lovely photographs. They sure bring back memories.


L. C.

The Captain said...

Cool post! To bad there wasn't a wall mask though! Interesting just the same.

Steve Ring said...

Ah, I should have known that. The only time I went in there was during one of those crappy metaphysical shows and they were showing some kind of movie in the theatre. Anyway, my pleasure. And thanks!

Steve Ring said...

Yeah, the wall of masks was pretty cool when I was a kid but I guess it wouldn't be a big deal nowadays, anyway.