Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scary Squirrel Sunday

Squirrels are a delight. What animal is less objectionable? They're cute and playful, they don't prey on other animals and they're too swift-footed to have any real predators. They're basically in an ecological niche all by themselves. A cute, furry, lovable little niche.

A video has been making the rounds lately of a squirrel who is allegedly become drunk after feeding on a fermented jack-o-lantern.

Now that's cute. Maybe a little sad if a cat stumbled upon said squirrel in his sodden state. And if that squirrel did manage to flop it's way up to it's nest somehow it'd just end up getting ghosted in a jack-faced nose-dive, anyway. I know that squirrels do feed on jacks that are left out. Here's one frosty one sitting in my backyard right now with the fang-marks of the beloved neighborhood squirrels all over it:

Oh noooo, Mr. Jacko! I didn't know that they could get drunk off of a pumpkin, though. I'll put that down as food for thought

There are an endless array of videos titled "scary squirrel" and "evil squirrel" on YouTube but most of them seem to be incredibly insipid--Photochop slideshows mostly--and I don't feel like sorting them all out. But here's a few cute ones I did find to fill out the theme:

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